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Work with Junk Removal N Motion for Removing Large Items from Your Home

Kitchen Appliance Garbage towards blue sky, removing large items from your home

Getting tired of looking at that old fridge? Or how about the basketball hoop that hasn’t been used in years? It’s time to get rid of your larger junk and declutter your home before the holidays start, especially if you’re hosting or have lots of decorations. Wondering what junk we take? Read on if you need help removing large items from your home.

Appliance Removal

Getting rid of appliances can be a tough task; they’re super bulky and aren’t easy to move. Let us take them off of your hands! We accept fridges, freezers, and ovens that you’re ready to throw out.

Large Furniture Removal

Maybe it’s finally time to say goodbye to the old 80s style couch sitting in your basement! Don’t sweat it, we are here to help. From sofas to side tables and everything in-between, we are prepared to remove furniture young and old.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs take up large portions of decks and yards, which is valuable space for those who entertain outside. If you no longer need that extra outdoor appliance that requires annual maintenance, call us today! We can remove your hot tub!

Basketball Hoops/Outdoor Sports Equipment Removal

If you’ve decided to hang up your jersey, then you’re probably ready to declutter the equipment. Hoops, nets, and goals can take up large spaces in your garage, shed or yard. We are prepared to remove anything from your sport’s glory days.

Mattress/Box Spring Removal

If you’ve decided to upgrade your mattress for a better night’s sleep, why not give the old one to us? This way, the extra clutter won’t stress you out and you’ll sleep even better.

Shed Removal

Old sheds certainly aren’t a pleasant sight, especially if they’re at risk of collapsing. We can remove your shed so you can increase your outdoor living space.

Not seeing a specific item and wondering if we can remove it? Contact us today and we’d love to help you with removing large items from your home! If you also need help cleaning the house for the new year, use our 2023 cleanout guide.

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