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Utilize the New School Year as a Time to Declutter and Organize

Shot of a messy room and desk needing cleaning.

The new school year is the perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of that unwanted junk that piles up over the summer. Whether it be backyard or indoor clutter, it is important to start the new school year with a refreshed and clean home. Here are some areas of your home that may need a cleanout. Be sure to contact us to help remove all of your junk!

Kids’ Bedrooms

We all know that kids have a tendency to hold onto things a little more than adults – whether that be old toys that haven’t been played with in years or clothes that have never (and will never) be worn. In order for your kids to start the new school year fresh, it is important to make sure their bedrooms are clean and organized. Giving them a tidy place to relax or get homework done allows for a stress-free beginning to the year ahead.

Home Office

Offices tend to add more clutter during the school year because of the extra paperwork and projects that your kids acquire. Before the year starts, it may be smart to clean out old paperwork, bulky electronics and furniture that no longer serve a purpose. Creating a clutter-free environment will increase productivity for whoever escapes to the office for a quiet place to work.


Most basements become the first destination of old junk. Rather than throwing all of that clutter into your bonus-space, let Junk Removal N Motion take care of it for you! Your basement should be an area to enjoy time with your family, not one that creates headaches because of the piles of old stuff. Get rid of the junk ahead of time and create a serene place for your family to have fun and relax this school year.

No matter where you have junk piling up, Junk Removal N Motion is here to help! Contact us for an appointment to help the cleaning process. We service St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Putnam, Flagler, and Nassau counties.

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