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Fall Is A Great Time For A Cleanout

Time for a garage cleanout? Junk Removal N Motion can help.

Fall is here and it is a perfect time to think about a cleanout. Why you ask? The change of season brings the beginning of decorating often for the holiday seasons that are coming up. With that, comes going through that attic, garage, or basement trying to find those decorations.

Chances are you’ve started collecting your decorations and saw a mess! Let’s face it, as a year goes on, it is easy to get lazy and just start throwing junk into your attic, garage or basement and think, “I’ll take care of this later.” Well, that time is now!! Now is the time to clean out!

In our last blog, we discussed decluttering your house, but we didn’t really focus on your storage areas. Let’s focus on that for a bit.

Be Prepared

Before you start to tackle cleaning out your storage area, be prepared with some trash bags and storage bins. Have a rough estimate on how many you think you’ll need and have them on standby.

Determine What Can Go and What Will Stay

Similar to our decluttering blog, you’ll need to determine what can go and what you want to keep. Be serious and decide if the items you are going through are really sentimental and worth keeping; you will actually use; or are just a waste of space. As you fill trash bags with things that just must go, move them out of the room. Keep the area you are working in as organized and clean as possible.


Remember those bins we mentioned to be prepared with? Here is where you’ll use them! Create an organization system. Here are some ideas:

  • Have bins specific to each holiday for decorations, everyday decorations, and just items you want to save.
  • Label the bins to make it easy, especially if they aren’t ones you can see inside.
  • If you have room for shelves, add some shelving and separate the items. Such as decorations in one section and those items you just can’t part with in another section.
  • Make sure there is a walkway and that you can easily access the bins.
  • When you’re finished with something, put it back in its appropriate spot!

Call Junk Removal N Motion for Your Cleanout

Now that your storage area is organized, get rid of that trash!! Don’t just let it sit around to the point where you just toss it back into storage. Have it removed right away! Here at Junk Removal N Motion we can haul out that junk from your cleanout session! We’re opened 24/7 and are ready to remove that junk, whenever you need us! We provide our junk removal services throughout St. Johns County, Clay County, Duval County, Putnam County, Flagler County, and Nassau County. Contact us today and say, “Good Bye!” to that junk pile!

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